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December 5, 2008

Bangkok House

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Bangkok House
420 E Saginaw St # 112, Lansing, MI 48906
(517) 487-6900

Usually when I have a craving for Filipino food (BTW, I’m Filipino!), I usually find a Thai restaurant as that is usually as close as I can get as far as flavor profiles are concerned.  Filipino restaurants are hard to find around here in the Midwest (unless you’re in Chicago) but I can usually find a Thai restaurant that will hit the spot.

But, I digress…  after a few attempts in my nearly two years in Greater Lansing, I finally was able to eat at Bangkok House!  Usually, they are closed when it occurs to me to go check it out.  The location is another factor as it isn’t on my way to my normal routes for work or errands.  So, this had to be a deliberate trip at the dinner hour and they were open!  (The restaurant is closed for a few hours in between lunch and dinner.)

My wife and two daughters joined me for this little outing for dinner and all of us were pleased with our experience.  To start, we ordered 2 orders of Thai spring rolls (4 pieces all together for $4.00) and fried tofu ($3.00).  The fried tofu comes with either a sweet and sour sauce (I recommend this one) or a peanut sauce (I would avoid this one  —  the look of it wasn’t all that appetizing).  The kids loved the starters and they came to the table very quickly.

For dinner, my wife and I both ordered Pad Thai (come on, why not?).  My wife had the pork version, mild spices.  I ordered shrimp and chicken with extra egg, medium spices.  My wife’s came out first and then there was a bit of delay before mine came out.  They were both delicious and not at all greasy (which has been my experience at another Thai restaurant in Lansing  —  Dok Sing, across from the Lansing Mall).

Everything comes from the kitchen to your table at one temperature  —  “boiling lava hot” as comedian Jim Gaffigan would call it.  It’s not meant as a criticism at all.  It’s just how it is.  Food coming to our table was extremely efficient.  However, don’t expect for anything to be cleared off your table between courses.  We resorted to putting empty plates, glasses and other stuff on the table next to us (thankfully, no one was seated at that table next to us!).

Bangkok House seems to be one of the few Asian restaurants in the Greater Lansing area with a liquor license.  I enjoyed a healthy pour of the house chardonnay at $1.95 per glass  —  a relative bargain at any restaurant these days.  The white wine matched well with the spice of my entree.  There’s also a good selection of beers also at very affordable prices.

All in all, I’d recommend this place for something different.  The prices are just great, the food comes out to you very quickly and everything is pretty tasty.  This was not at all a bad way to spend a Thursday night with the family!

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