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April 19, 2009

State Side Deli

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State Side Deli
3552 Meridian Crossings, Okemos, MI 48864
(517) 853-1100

I’ve not had much luck with finding a decent hot corned beef sandwich in the Lansing area.  That is, until a friend told me about the new-ish State Side Deli in Okemos.  I knew I was a deli snob, but not until I got an informative earful about the virtues of double-baked rye bread from Detroit.  My snobbery comes from being raised on New Jersey/New York deli where the bread is a secondary deal.  The first order of business is usually a pound to a pound and a half of the most delicious corned beef or pastrami you’ve ever had.  But again, I digress…

In a deli experience, I usually look for Dr. Brown’s soda (at State Side: check), amazing corned beef and pastrami (check and check) and decent bread (check).  Everything else can take a back seat in my opinion.

The dining room is pretty small so I suggest you come before or after the typical lunch rush hour if you expect to dine in.  We got in around 11:30 or so on a Saturday morning so we were the only ones there for a bit until a steady stream of customers came in until every seat was spoken for.

I had the #34 sandwich:  corned beef, pastrami, cole slaw, cheese and russian dressing on rye bread.  My friend who is really in the know about the legendary double-baked rye bread said that our visit wasn’t the best bread he’s ever had there.  It was my first experience with double-baked rye and I thought it was spectacular…even on a not so great day for it at State Side.  The sandwich was enormous, the corned beef and pastrami perfectly juicy and I basically inhaled the whole thing in 10 minutes.  Absolutely delicious!

I’ll have to save room for dessert next time or just take some to go once my enormous sandwich has digested.  There looked to be some delicious dessert options there at State Side (a small selection of ice cream) plus cheesecake, 7-layer cake and some other things.

I highly recommend this new deli.  Suddenly, after my visit to State Side, I’m not feeling all that deprived of decent deli in Greater Lansing!  And, I think I’ve been converted to the virtues of the Detroit double-baked rye.  The bread really added something different to the corned beef/pastrami experience!

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