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September 15, 2010

Bake ‘n Cakes

Filed under: Bakery, East Lansing — erithmetic @ 9:13 pm

Bake ‘n Cakes has a few favorable attributes. It’s a local establishment, which could give them an edge over places like Panera in that they could maintain creative control over their business and could add a personal touch. They have a cute-looking storefront, implying a specialty bakery where you might find a delicious cupcake. However, there are simply too many flaws that keep me away.

The bakery sits right next to US-127 just south of Frandor. You won’t be enjoying a pastry on a streetside table as you watch passersby. Instead, you can gaze at the adjoining parking lot, gas station and liquor store.

At times, such as when I had Bake ‘n Cakes cater an event (for which they performed admirably), the pastries are enjoyable. However, a recent visit had my wife and I throwing away our pastries that featured a strong propane-like flavor. The staff isn’t always particularly warm and the coffee service typically lags. Being a Lansing institution, they seem bound to brew the typical Paramount coffee blends.

From cakes I’ve happened to see other customers ordering, the designs seem good and would be a good place to order a birthday cake.

If there were twothings that would make me come back, it would be to serve specialty coffee and to improve the quality of their pastries.

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